Agencija za Bankarstvo Republike Srpske


21.02.2022. yr.


We are witnessing that recently a lot of information and comments have been presented in the media, some television channels, print media and portals regarding the dispute between Bitminer Factory d.o.o. Gradiška and Unicredit bank a.d. Banja Luka. Some of the published information also refers to the assessment of the activities of the Banking Agency of Republika Srpska (hereinafter: the Agency) in this particular case.

In order to objectively and completely inform the public, and in connection with certain claims that the Agency failed to undertake activities within its competence to prevent the occurrence of the subject dispute, we emphasize that the subject of the dispute that Bitminer Factory d.o.o. Gradiška initiated against Unicredit bank a.d. Banja Luka before the District Commercial Court in Banja Luka, in the capacity of a lawsuit, is compensation of damage, and that deciding in this type of dispute, as we have already pointed out, is in the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts. The Agency was informed about the occurrence of the dispute by Bitminer Factory d.o.o. Gradiška two months after their account was closed in the bank, and since the circumstances of the case indicated that the dispute could only be resolved in court, Bitminer Factory d.o.o. Gradiška was referred to the same.

The Agency is no position to comment on court verdicts, so the content of the verdict itself, both in question and other verdicts, regardless of the type of dispute, will not be commented.

We are aware that the publication of arbitrary comments by individuals is partly due to insufficient knowledge of the work of the Agency and its competencies, as well as the complexity of the nature of the relevant dispute, and therefore we appeal to the media that in case of publishing information and comments on objectively complex topics, which business with cryptocurrencies certainly is, are well acquainted with the subject matter in order to avoid creating a false image in the public. The Banking Agency of Republika Srpska is available to the media, as well as to users of financial services and clients of banks regarding information on issues within the Agency's competence and on the banking system of Republika Srpska in general, given that the maintaining of its stability is one of the basic tasks of the Agency.


Banking Agency of Republika Srpska